I. Armenian Question in a Historical Context









An Introduction to The Armenian Question: From the Beginning to the Treaty of Lausanne

The Treaty of Lausanne and the Armenian Question
(Gündüz AKTAN)

The Armenian Question from Lausanne until Today
(Ömer Engin LÜTEM)



1. The Treaty of Sevres (Articles Regarding Armenia, Protection of Minorities and Punishment of War Criminals)

2. The Treaty of Kars

3. The List of Public Officials Assasinated by Armenian Terorists

4. Parliamentary Resolutions

5. Resolutions of International Organizations

6. Speeches of US Presidents

7. List of Resolutions of States and Cities

Map 1: Partition of the Otoman Empire in the Sykes-Picot Agreement

Map 2: Armanian Land Demands in the Paris Peace Conference

Map 3: Lands Promised to the Armenians in the Treaty of Sevres



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