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Editorial Note

Armenian Studies, Issue 2, June-July-August 2001

 .F• ="justify">This issue of the Armenian Studies, much more voluminous than the first one, contains articles written by scholars and former diplomats. The articles are assembled according to their language: The articles written in Turkish and the Turkish summaries of the English articles are followed by the articles in English and the English summaries of the Turkish articles. We hope that this new ordering will facilitate the reading of our journal

In the first article of our journal, Ambassador BiIâl N. ?im?ir tells us the rather unknown but very interesting story of Ahmet Rüstem Bey Ottoman Ambassador to Washington who, after arguing with President W. Wilson on the Armenian question, on his own initiative and as a gesture of protest left his post and returned to Turkey in 1914.

There are two articles on religious affairs in this issue: Dr. Davut K?l?ç’s The Role of the Echmiyazin Church in Russian Eastern Anatolia Provinces states that the Russians perceived the Armenians as a "useful card" to play against the Ottoman Empire and Iran and emphasizes the role of the Echmiyazin Church in this respect. Prof Feigl's "The Victory and Tragedy of The Armenian National Church" focuses mainly on the 1700s anniversary of the foundation of the Armenian Gregorian Church and demonstrates that this Church could not be founded in 301.

The legal aspects of the so called Armenian genocide are not well studied and analysed. The article of Ambassador Tacar entitled The Analysis of the alleged Armenian Genocide from the Legal and Ethical Perspective shade much light on this rather complicated question.

Prof Dr. Justin Mc Carthy’s article “Let the Historians Decide’ that appeared in our first issue has been so unanimously acclaimed that for the benefit of the non-English speaking readers we decided to publish a Turkish translation of it.

Ambassador Alp in his article Today Armenia and Motives Behind The Genocide Accusations: More Than A Matter of ‘National Identity’ states that although the Armenian elites consider the "genocide "as an integral part of their national identity in fact there is a tendency in the Armenian Governments to use the “genocide” issue for political purposes, i.e. or indemnization claims. On the other hand this article deals also with the Karabakh peace process.

Prof Köni’s article "The Research of Arnold Toynbee on Turks and the Birth of Armenian Propaganda" though written some time ago, became very actual after the publication of an “Uncensored Edition” of the Bryce and Toynbee’s World War One propaganda book “The Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire: 1915-1916”

Karabakh problem is dealt in Kamer Kas?m’s “The Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict From Its Inception to the Peace Process” which analyses the negotiations to resolve this conflict. On the other hand in the article Facts and Comments several pages are devoted to the latest developments of the Karabakh conflict.

The Armenians of Javakheti in Georgia and those of Krasnodar in Russia are restless minorities whose claims could constitute in the future a source for major conflicts between Armenia and the mentioned states. The article of Hasan Kanbolat and Nazmi Gül entitled The Geopolitics and Quest for Autonomy of the Armenians of Javakheti (Georgia) and Krosnodar (Russia) in the Caucasus elucidates these questions which are practically unknown by the public opinion.

The article “Facts and Comments” relates and comments on the main events of June, July and August 2001, namely, recent developments on the Karabakh issue, Turkish-Armenian Reconciliation Commission, a new condition for establishing diplomatic relations with Armenia, the States who recognised or not recognised the so called Armenian Genocide and the crossing of Baku-Ceyhan oil pipeline through Armenia.

This issue contains a "Book Review" and a list of "Recent Books" on the Armenian question.

Lastly in the section "Documents" we are publishing the full text of some documents related to the Armenian issue.

With best regards.

The Editor

- Armenian Studies, Issue 2, June-July-August 2001
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