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Book Review: Armenian Problem in the Azerbaijani Documents 1918-1920

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kamer KASIM*
Armenian Studies, Issue 4, December 2001 - January-February 2002

Ankara: Directorate General of State Archives publication, 2001, 682 pages.
ISBN: 975-19-2778-1.

In this book there are 108 copies of documents, originals of which are in the National Archives of Azerbaijan. Most of the documents were written in Russian language and in the book these documents were summarized in Turkish within 91 pages. There are also nine pages index, which follows the summary of documents.

Most of the documents show the Armenian massacres of Azeri population in the Caucasus. Sources of the documents are included: the official report of Azerbaijani Government Investigation Commission, eyewitnesses’ statements, letters between entente states and Armenian officials.

Director of the Directorate Azerbaijan State Archives, Dr. Atahan Pa?ayev wrote an introduction in which he analyses the regional effects of Russian invasion of the south Caucasus and Russia’s pro-Armenian policies. Russia invaded south Caucasus in the first half of the 19th century. After the end of the Russia-Iran war with Gülistan agreement in 1813, Azerbaijan divided into the two parts. 40.000 Armenian was settled in Yerevan, Nakhichevan and Karabakh between 1826-1828. After the 1828-1829 Turco-Russian War, 84,000 Armenian were also settled in Yerevan, Nakhichevan and Karabakh. As a result an “Armenian province” was created in the territory of Azerbaijan. While the population of “Armenian province” consisted of 49.875 Azerbaijani Turks and 20.073 Armenian between 1829-1832, after this date, Armenian population rose to 82.498 and the population of Azerbaijani Turks was 81.749 as a result of the Russian immigration policy. Until 1880’s Armenians’ aim was to increase their population in Yerevan, Nakhichevan and Karabakh through good relations with Russian Czar. Between 1880-1890 was the period of the creation of Armenian political organizations. This book includes documents, which shows how violence against Azerbaijani Turks conducted by so-called Armenian political organization.

Armenian Problem In the Azerbaijani Documents provides information, which shed light to the events between 1918-1920.

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- Armenian Studies, Issue 4, December 2001 - January-February 2002
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