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Institute for Armenian Research

The Institute for Armenian Research was established in 2001 within the framework of the Center for Eurasian Strategic Studies, as a privately-funded and objective think-tank. The basic aim of the Institute was to examine the Armenian question within a broad perspective, including its historical, political, legal and international relations dimensions. Within this framework, it analyzes the complex phenomenon of the “Armenian question” by utilizing the works of social sciences and history disciplines through a multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach.

The fields examined by the Institute include the Armenian Question, Armenian Diaspora, Armenian domestic and foreign policy as well as the Karabagh Question. The Institute regularly publishes two quarterly journals in which these issues are studied in detail. The first one is the “Ermeni Çal??malar?”, which has been published since 2001, and the second one is the “Review of Armenian Studies” since 2002.

Besides these journals, since its establishment, the Institute has prepared a daily bulletin published on its website ( both in Turkish and in English. This daily bulletin includes news collected daily from domestic and international news agencies and newspapers regarding the bilateral relations between Turkey and Armenia, Armenian question, Karabagh question.

Furthermore, the Institute for Armenian Research organized two conferences in Turkey with the goal of bringing together academics specializing on Armenia and the Armenian Diaspora. The first of these conferences was held in 2002, and the second in 2004. The Institute for Armenian Research shall continue to organize conferences concerned primarily with the Armenian Question.

The Crimes Against Humanity Institute hosts a library consisting of books, publications and documents in English, French, German, Russian, Armenian and Turkish on the above-mentioned issues. Furthermore, microfilms of foreign archival documents pertaining to these issues can also be found at the Institute.

The Institute provides internships for all univeristy students.

Retired ambassador Ömer Engin Lütem is the chairman of the Institute for Armenian Research.

Institute for Armenian Research
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ERAREN - Institute for Armenian Research

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