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Lowry Heath W.*
The Story Behind Ambassador Morgenthau's Story

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The Roosevelt Library houses the ‘Papers of Henry Morgenthau, Jr.,’ son of Ambassador Henry Morgenthau. As such, they contain two ‘series’ (Nos. 8 and 10), with direct relevance to the elder Morgenthau:

a) Series 8: GAER FILE: Boxes 1 and 2 of this 22 box series, compiled by Joseph Gaer who was assisting the younger Morgenthau in writing his unpublished autobiography, contain a typed transcript of correspondence between Morgenthau father and son, of which pp. 54—330 consist of copies of letters written by Ambassador Morgenthau during his tenure in Constantinople, November 1913 — January 1916; Cited herein as: FDR - HMJ/Gaer + Box number;

b) Series 1O:PAPERS OF HENRY MORGENTHAU, SR.: Consisting primarily of business and personal letters of Ambassador Henry Morgenthau, this collection contains a great amount of material dating from Morgenthau’s tenure in Turkey. Of particular importance is a set of the weekly family letters Morgenthau sent to relatives in the United States (these are scattered throughout Boxes 5, 7, 8, and 10); Cited herein as: FDR: HMS + Box number.

This facility houses a collection of approximately 30,000 items, called: The Papers of Henry Morgenthau.’ I have utilized a microflim edition of these papers consisting of 41 reels. The collection comprises material from all periods of Morgenthau’s life, from his early childhood in the 1860’s to shortly before his death in 1946. Of primary interest for the years of his Ambassadorship in Turkey, is Reel No. 5, which contains a typed transcript of his daily ‘Diary’ covering literally every day of his twenty—six month sojourn in Turkey. Material from this collection cited in the present study is given as: LC: PHM + Reel number.
In addition, the papers of Woodrow Wilson preserved in this collection were examined.

The ‘Papers of Burton J. Hendrick,’ the individual who wrote the book: Ambassador Morgenthau’s Story, are in the possession of his granddaughter Mrs. Martha Rusnak. Her husband, Professor Robert Rusnak, a historian specializing in American studies, supplied the photocopies. of numerous documents relating to the Hendrick—Morgenthau relationship from these papers. They are cited herein as: Hendrick/Rusnak + a description of the actual item referred to.

In particular, a number of Decimal Files in Record Groups 59 and 84 were used for consulting reports filed by Morgenthau. Particularly useful, were the materials preserved in Decimal File 867.4106 (Microfilm Publications 353: Reels 43 through 48) on Race Relations in Turkey, 1910-1929, wherein the bulk of Morgenthau’s Armenian related reports are found. When cited in this study the Record Gröup number and Decimal File data are provided.

The interview conducted by Professor Alan Nevins with Burton J. Hendrick which is entitled: The Reminiscences of Burton J. Hendrick,’ was obtained from this collection in New York City.


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