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Member of the Azerbaijani parliament Ganira Pashayeva said the informational campaign informing the world about the genocide committed by Armenians in 1918 in Guba must continue.

"The Heydar Aliyev Foundation led by First Lady Mehriban Aliyeva has done a great deal to let the world know about the genocide against Azerbaijan. The foundation will continue working until those responsible are held accountable," Pashayeva said during her speech in Guba in front of a monument to the victims of the genocide.

A group of MPs held the event in front of the monument commemorating the victims on March 31.

A mass burial site was discovered during the construction of a stadium in Guba in 2007.

Researchers said the human remains belonged to Azerbaijanis killed during the genocide.

Dozens of human bones were uncovered during the excavations.

Nearly 16,000 civilians were killed and 122 villages, 26 mosques and hundreds of homes were destroyed.

Pashayeva said although 91 years have passed since the genocide, the guilty have not yet been punished as Azerbaijanis were not allowed to study their history during the Soviet Union. Former President Heydar Aliyev issued a decree marking the March 31 events as a genocide.

"Much has been done to inform the world of the Armenian violence. We should not forget this date. An English-language documentary on the genocide will be presented to the Council of Europe and other international organizations," she said.

MP from Guba Vahid Ahmadov said yet another fact proving the genocide was uncovered in April 2007 when a mass burial site was found in a well during the stadium construction.

The MPs visited the site.

On March 31, Azerbaijan marks the Day of the Azerbaijani Genocide.

In March 1918, Stepan Shaumyan's Dashnak-Bolshevik government seized power and launched a genocide against the Azerbaijani people. In March to April, ethnic Azerbaijanis were slaughtered in Baku, Shamakhi and other regions. During the period, Turkey offered assistance to Azerbaijan and rescued the people from being killed by Armenians.

March 31 commemorates the tragic events that took place in recent Azerbaijani history.

Azerbaijan marks March 31 as genocide under the decree signed by national leader Heydar Aliyev in 1998.


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